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Our customers leave happy and looking great. It's because of how we do things and why.

Steve Brown and his trusty companion.

Working with us

Our Story

Brown and Kirk Mobile Detailing was founded by Steve brown in 2019. As the owner and founder Mr. Brown always had a vision to serve those in need of detailing, but also to be distinguished by oustanding work.

Despite this, Brown and Kirk doesn't compete with other detailing businesses, rather the work speakss for itself.

Brown and Kirk is yet to receive a single complaint since day 1, and upholds an excellent track record.

Mr. Brown is here and ready to serve you all throughout the CSRA!

A little about the Owner

Steve Brown is a community activist and motivational speaker. He thrives on doing work for the community, and enjoys working with the youth. He is also a former radio personality working with iHeartRadio out of Charlotte North Carolina.

Although detailing is his passion and trade he enjoys working in other fields as well as God has put him on earth to be a servant to others in many ways. Mr. Brown is very professionoal and respectful. He believes in showing up on time, never late. If you ever meet one of Mr. Browns regular customers you'll hear them sing the same story.